Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Weeks don't get any easier...

Go Orange Door Hinge? The only name they could come up with....
The Whole team - They played awesome and had a great time!
Look Alissa and Jocey can get along!

Zoey and her date Jimmy!
Sideways Jocey and her date Braedon
Jocey and Braedon's cool Ride for the night
Zoey and Jimmy's cool ride for the night (This one was great and funny at the same time)
Zoey posing with her awesome Rocket for the evening ! They planned a unique way to go to Homecoming, needless to say she wore a stretchy dress with polka dot spankies for the full effect!

We know that September in this house is always nuts, especially when you have 4 teenagers. Needless to say it is all worth it!
Sept 4th All three girls get the Patriarchal Blessings: 2 hours of complete emotion - AWESOME!
Sept 5th Labor Day! Family Party and Alissa back to School
Sept 6th Football, Dance Powder Puff, Jocey Drivers Test
Sept 7th Hunter Birthday #12, Faculty Meeting, Powder Puff, Football, Parking Lot Duty, Court Of Honor, Chase Moves to Idaho (sad)
Sept 8th Chris #40? something, 9th Anniversary of Mom passing, Sub morning middle school before shift, powder puff, burning of the wolf, Football, A fast dinner with Husband
Sept 9th Early In & Early Out, at NSA, Hunter B-day Party (1st one in 5 years), PU Alissa BYU (2 hours in traffic), Homecoming Football Game, Stone at Party, Hunter Sleepover, Zoey Perform, Alissa Rascal Flatts Concert.
Sept 10th Football, Football, Football! Stone win, BYU Loss, Utah Loss, Grocery Shop (Fun pedicure with Alissa) Get girls off to Homecoming Dance, Jocey's first formal date!
Sept 11th 10 year Anniversary of 9/11, Boys put flags up at 6 am in yards, Hunter gets the priesthood, Alice gets YW medallion (finally graduated from Young Womens - - -HeHe) 2 mission farewells, Dinner with In-laws, Alissa back to School, Teenagers flood the Gibbons home - yet again!

Not including Chris and I each work full time, Drive Midgets to and from everywhere, Zoey was busy all week getting ready for Homecoming, being on SBO, and teaching Dance - We burned the candle at both ends this week - But we all made it out alive!!!

Wow and it starts all over again on Monday!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jocelyn 16 and loving it, or is she?

My Baby Beans at LDS NICU

Jocey's Blessing Day (3 months old)

Jocey on Trek - Her life changing experience - she didn't even want to come home!

Ok, so I missed posting Jocelyn's 16th birthday - No we did not miss her birthday, far from it! She had the Shin-dig of the century - Well at least one that will be talked about for sometime! The Reason, well the soda pop and potato chip party that got broken up by the COPS!!! Quite the funny story - Have to post more later, Facebook friends have already read about it. So, as of August 6th she turned 16 and Today September 6th - she passed her driver's Test! Does she have her license? NO! She is hoping soon - Well that definitely depends on if Nasty Jocey is living here or Nice Jocey - I guess the future will tell all!

On-the-other hand - She has definitely defied the odds of being a 6 week preemie and my smallest and sickest baby. She is taller than Zoey & Alissa and gets told all the time that she looks like the oldest! (She loves it, they hate it)

Jocey is her Mother's daughter, personality, Looks, Temperment & Oh yes, Stubborness!!! Life is never boring with Jocey around. Jocey loves acting, singing, dancing, oh and BOYS! She has more guy friends than female friends - Sounds like her MOM - She basically has said she would rather hangout with 5 guys than 5 girls because there is no DRAMA. Needless to say, Our house this summer was filled with so many different male friends that I had to constantly ask the boys if I had met them already....

Happy Late Birthday Jocey Bossy!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

My awesome Nephews!!!!!

Ok, if I said I was proud of my nephews it would be an understatement!! On August 9th Taylor Sanders jumped on a plane to South Africa for the next 24 months. On August 10th Drew Sanders was dropped off at the Provo MTC for 3 weeks and then off to Montana for 23 months and my Chase moved in with us for 1 month until he heads up to BYU Idaho! Wow I missed a lot of their years growing up - but I sure do love them like they are my own! What a tribute to a great MOM who kept them on the right path - I love you Beth you are my HERO - Now and Always!

Wisdom Teeth (Only 3 though)

Ok Our first teenager had their wisdom teeth putlled, luckily she only had 3 - however Alissa has had a rough year and we have found out she really does not do well on strong pain killers - It only took a week, but she got back to her pretty self!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Snail Hunt!

OK so while we went on Trek my awesome and amazing Sister & Brother in Law watched my boys, so in return we took there boys the following week while they went to the dusty plains of Wyoming. Garrett, 13, basically watched TV/ Movies and played Video games - That boy does not like to go outside.... Nate, 5, On the other hand is ready for an adventure - Reminds of Hunter! Well we had rain showers, or should I say when didn't we have rain showers, so the Snail population was ginormous!!!!! Nate was in heaven, so I gave him a plastic cup and he filled that bugger to the top. Then we released them behind the back shed to find new homes. It was fun to watch and fun to have a small one around again!!! Thanks Nate for entertaining your Auntie

Monday, August 1, 2011

TREK!!!!!.....?????.....!!!!! Wyoming, Martin's Cove, Rock Creek Hollow

Alice, Jocey, Alissa, Chris & Zoey

Meagan, Brandon, McKay & Jocey

Jocey's family on the last day...

Alissa's family on the 2nd day!

Zoey's Family last day

Golden Meadows 1st ward with the head haunco - Pres Juassi & Wife

Well can't say enough about Trek - but here are few tidbits;
Hot, Windy, Dirty, Busy, Blisters, IVs, Heat Stroke, Wyoming, Great Food, Harry Potter Tent, Cold nights, Water - Water - Water - Mud, Mosquitoes, Porta-potties, Wipes, Chap stick, bug spray, sunscreen, Lost retainers, teaching moments, priesthood blessings, agro wards behind us, Built friendships, awesome support, biggest youth in stake, amazing testimonies, spiritual beyond belief, Windy (oh yeah already said that) Dirt in our teeth and noses, scrubs, chaffing, moleskin, gold bond, trail mix, hard candy, sage brush, Bathroom tarp, 2 more miles, Sweet water grass!, Nicknames, Family names, Ma's & Pa's, Tent guys!, Aleve, bandannas & last but not least -
Golden Meadows 1st Ward Rocks!!!
I could go on and on about the experiences and the spirit you feel when you attend the Pioneer Trek - but I would fill a book - I just know that the feelings you get, and you are able to be a part of, are life changing. We were lucky to have all three girls plus Chris and I on the trail. What an AWESOME experience, was sure glad to come home though.....

Missed Birthday post! Not a missed birthday though...

Zoey is 17 (As of May 30, 2011) - And boy oh boy does she keep herself busy!!! She is I have to say "My Favorite" don't tell the others. She always tells me she loves me, gives me kisses and always tells me how thankful she is for everything. That little fart has turned into to a beautiful little lady. Yes I mean little, she is 5 ft and petite and dances to her hearts content. She has by far the smallest feet out of all us Gibbons Girls and the best hair! It does stink, but she never does. She just finished her 2nd year on the Riverton High School Dance Company and his heading into her Senior year as the SBO over Student Recognition at Riverton and the Dance Company President. She has been taking Dance classes over the summer with 2 different studios, who just love having her, and teaching dance camps with Tiffany Dance Co, to earn money. She runs errands for me with out fail, and spends all her extra time with her girl buds and her boyfriend. ( I know - he's pretty Ok - he can brown nose with the best of them!!!) She became a Ma this year - no not really but figuratively - on the Pioneer Trek and she loved it!! She loved her family and they loved her, even though most of them were bigger than her - well except Paige - but that's ok - Paige is already like family.
Happy Happy Birthday Zoey Bear!!! Sorry it took so long to post!