Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Weeks don't get any easier...

Go Orange Door Hinge? The only name they could come up with....
The Whole team - They played awesome and had a great time!
Look Alissa and Jocey can get along!

Zoey and her date Jimmy!
Sideways Jocey and her date Braedon
Jocey and Braedon's cool Ride for the night
Zoey and Jimmy's cool ride for the night (This one was great and funny at the same time)
Zoey posing with her awesome Rocket for the evening ! They planned a unique way to go to Homecoming, needless to say she wore a stretchy dress with polka dot spankies for the full effect!

We know that September in this house is always nuts, especially when you have 4 teenagers. Needless to say it is all worth it!
Sept 4th All three girls get the Patriarchal Blessings: 2 hours of complete emotion - AWESOME!
Sept 5th Labor Day! Family Party and Alissa back to School
Sept 6th Football, Dance Powder Puff, Jocey Drivers Test
Sept 7th Hunter Birthday #12, Faculty Meeting, Powder Puff, Football, Parking Lot Duty, Court Of Honor, Chase Moves to Idaho (sad)
Sept 8th Chris #40? something, 9th Anniversary of Mom passing, Sub morning middle school before shift, powder puff, burning of the wolf, Football, A fast dinner with Husband
Sept 9th Early In & Early Out, at NSA, Hunter B-day Party (1st one in 5 years), PU Alissa BYU (2 hours in traffic), Homecoming Football Game, Stone at Party, Hunter Sleepover, Zoey Perform, Alissa Rascal Flatts Concert.
Sept 10th Football, Football, Football! Stone win, BYU Loss, Utah Loss, Grocery Shop (Fun pedicure with Alissa) Get girls off to Homecoming Dance, Jocey's first formal date!
Sept 11th 10 year Anniversary of 9/11, Boys put flags up at 6 am in yards, Hunter gets the priesthood, Alice gets YW medallion (finally graduated from Young Womens - - -HeHe) 2 mission farewells, Dinner with In-laws, Alissa back to School, Teenagers flood the Gibbons home - yet again!

Not including Chris and I each work full time, Drive Midgets to and from everywhere, Zoey was busy all week getting ready for Homecoming, being on SBO, and teaching Dance - We burned the candle at both ends this week - But we all made it out alive!!!

Wow and it starts all over again on Monday!!!!