Monday, August 1, 2011

TREK!!!!!.....?????.....!!!!! Wyoming, Martin's Cove, Rock Creek Hollow

Alice, Jocey, Alissa, Chris & Zoey

Meagan, Brandon, McKay & Jocey

Jocey's family on the last day...

Alissa's family on the 2nd day!

Zoey's Family last day

Golden Meadows 1st ward with the head haunco - Pres Juassi & Wife

Well can't say enough about Trek - but here are few tidbits;
Hot, Windy, Dirty, Busy, Blisters, IVs, Heat Stroke, Wyoming, Great Food, Harry Potter Tent, Cold nights, Water - Water - Water - Mud, Mosquitoes, Porta-potties, Wipes, Chap stick, bug spray, sunscreen, Lost retainers, teaching moments, priesthood blessings, agro wards behind us, Built friendships, awesome support, biggest youth in stake, amazing testimonies, spiritual beyond belief, Windy (oh yeah already said that) Dirt in our teeth and noses, scrubs, chaffing, moleskin, gold bond, trail mix, hard candy, sage brush, Bathroom tarp, 2 more miles, Sweet water grass!, Nicknames, Family names, Ma's & Pa's, Tent guys!, Aleve, bandannas & last but not least -
Golden Meadows 1st Ward Rocks!!!
I could go on and on about the experiences and the spirit you feel when you attend the Pioneer Trek - but I would fill a book - I just know that the feelings you get, and you are able to be a part of, are life changing. We were lucky to have all three girls plus Chris and I on the trail. What an AWESOME experience, was sure glad to come home though.....