Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 YW Basketball season comes to an end.

Region Game update.... Well it is 8:00 am Saturday morning, March 21, 2009. All Girls are awake and getting ready to go to the Young Womens Region Basketball playoff. Well Alissa had been home for days with the flu along with Mom and Dad. Jocelyn and Alissa spent until midnight at the local Wal Mart to get Twilight and meet "Victoria" one of the cast characters, Zoey danced until 9:00 pm and hung out with friends. So needless to say they were all dragging. I could make a lot of excuses as to why the girls lost, but mainly the other team was better. We have a short team to say the least, but QUICK!! They had and equally quick team, but TALL! So they won 25 to 18, but we gave it a good shot. Mom, quiet as always, almost got a technical, criticizing the Referee's calls, I don';t know how that could have happened.... Alissa kicked herself the whole day, she went from 24 points last game to 5 points this game, but ran the entire game, so I think she did great. We even got the 2 dancers to come and play, Jocelyn loves it, Zoey has to be prodded a little, but they are a hoot to watch. We have some fun video, but I don't know how to put it on here, so maybe someday! NEXT in the GIRLS LIVES....Golf Tournaments begin Tomorrow (if it doesn't SNOW... - the last 2 tournaments have been cancelled due to weather, what's up with that?) Dance Competition season begins April 3rd. SPRING IS HERE!