Sunday, April 26, 2009


Baseball Season is up and running. Stone was able to play 3 games this last week, however he had 2 losses and 1 win, he is still keeping us on our toes! The funnest game was on Saturday in the rain and mud. Needless to say it was a make-up game from a recent rain-out, We had to not only defend against the other team but the MUD! Stone pulled off his first bunt of the season on this new team, and turned on the speed. This is something he is really good at, running fast. He also made a great hit to center field, having 2 RBI's. This next week we are supposed to have decent weather and 3 definite games along with a Super League Tournament, we will see out that goes and how mother nature wants to play!
Alissa had 2 Golf tournaments this last week and SBO elections at school. Both golf days were in the high 70's and low 80's, of course then the weather dropped, but those days were good. She had a rough first tournament, She battled the water at 2 holes and the water won, however in tournament 2 she scored the best on the team, She is improving every round. This week she has 2 more 18 hole tournaments and the finals in SBO elections.
Alissa is going for Junior class officer in a Student body of 3000 kids. 23 kids were trying for the top 10 spots and Alissa is one of them. The hard thing is that the top 10 are Truly an amazing group. Alissa and her Bast Friend, Kaela are both in it together along with 5 of their really close friends, so whom ever wins, they will be great representatives of the school.

Zoey, in one of her Hip-Hop costumes, cheezing it up for the camera. This week is big for Zoe, As long as we can remember she has been dancing and this week she is trying out for the High School Dance Company. She is really nervous, however she is awesome!!!!!! She decided to tryout for Dance Co this year and maybe try Drill Team next year. Both companies at the High school are amazing and a lot different from when I was in high school. She currently is one of 2 dance captains on the 9th Grade Dance Company at Oquirrh Hills Middle School.

Jocelyn is also in the same Hip-hop class with Zoey and going through changes of her own. She decided this last week that she is going to change schools this next year from the Charter School at which I teach and she will go to the local Middle School for 9th grade and try out for the 9th grade Dance Company. I am actually really excited for her, cause she is a great dancer and this will give her more opportunities with the high school. Try outs are in 2 weeks and she is getting excited!

As for Hunter he had the time of his life this week when his newest cousin came over for mom to babysit. Max Ryan Gibbons is 5 weeks old and Hunter, along with Stone, can not get enough of him. As you can tell he loves to hold babies. This picture Hunter wanted Max to wear something of his when he was little so Max is wearing Hunters Superman t-shirt, that he wore for 3 years straight, and some Spider man shorts off his build-a-bear, what an outfit! Good thing max doesn't mind yet?