Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Chaos....

Well we have definitely begun the spring/summer chaos in our home. Alissa is on a dating frenzy, new dates every weekend. Jocelyn and Zoey had there 2nd Dance competition. As to their dismay mom did not bring cameras to this event, it is so much work getting them in and out of costumes and in and out of building to different performances, I gave the cameras the weekend off. So they were mad, but mom was ok with it. Really how many times do you need to video tape the same dances, done week after week... So we were in Clearfield this weekend, 1 hour away, and lets just say, the girls had a great time, but were sad with the judges awards this time, so we try again. However their Hip-Hop is still on top and doing great each week.

Stone is in full swing with Baseball, as well as mom and dad and sisters coming and going to practices and games. With 3 games and a practice this weekend. 1st Friday he had a late game until 9:45pm and Stone scored the winning run to end the game 9-8. He had a great opportunity to play Shortstop (his best position) and Pitcher. The fun thing about him pitching is he tends to pick off the boys trying to steal, he's got a mean fast throw. 2nd 8:00am practice Saturday morning. 3rd & 4th a Double header with a local super league team that needs a fill in player, called Stone this last week and wondered if he was interested, OF COURSE! Stone doesn't care where or when or whom he plays with just get me there and I'll play! So he filled in with the Riverton Rats and played a lot of 3rd base and Short stop and went 500 in hitting. He had a lot of fun, a lot of the boys are friends he has know for a lot of years and has played with before. The team went 1- 1 and stone came home and crashed til Sunday morning.


The Johnson's

We can totally relate (well, minus the dancing!). We live at the baseball field. We had two games Friday and two games Saturday--two games tomorrow...six next weekend, etc. Tanner is also playing super league plus rec league this year and he is also Pitcher/Short Stop!!! Let the crazy life begin, huh? You are probably like us and wouldn't want it any other way though!! Good luck!! (we have to add a 1st grade soccer game in there---UGH, it's SO painful!)

Steph Kearns

Tell Stone he CANNOT play for the Rats!! Kidding...we're actually thinking of hitting them up for a spot for Tanner next year. Not too happy with his team this far. Subject to change of course! Tanner is dying to go to another game of Stone's. That kid would live at the field if I let him! See you soon!