Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Winner IS?

At the Champion Productions Dance Competition the girls kicked it up real good. Jocelyn and Zoey have gotten to a point in dancing where they are mostly in the same classes. They are quite the talented girls and we are very proud. Jocelyn takes Pointe (ballet), Jazz, & Hip Hop. Zoey takes Jazz, and Hip Hop and is in the Advanced Class. They have been dancing with the same group of girls for a lot of years and they work really good together.

So this year at Dance, Zoey is still teaching, and helping choreograph, when needed some hip-hop moves to some dances.. Her ultimate love is hip-hop and she can pop and lock with the best of them, I say this for one reason, AT competition they had a Hip-Hop dance off. They were to learn a mini-dance in front of everyone 8 counts of 8 and dance of in front off everyone to see. This lasted about 15 minutes and well out of 70-80 dancers, (who dared to compete) Zoey was in the top 5, we are not sure what # but she was announced as the 5th finalist to be in a Dance Crew Video. It's a long story, but we were so excited.
Another Highlight, is that Jocelyn and Zoey's Hip-Hop class, Rhythm Nation, won 1st prize and Grand Champion and they won a prestigious Choreography Award, WE are so proud of these girls and they just keep amazing us everyday!



Your girls are amazing!!! Zoey had to have been #1 they saved her number for last!!! And really the choreography award would not have been given to us without Zoey's amazing moves and help!! Thank you so much.... our studio would not be the same without the Gibbons girls!!