Sunday, May 3, 2009


We began our week with 2 games on the Giants, Stone plays Shortstop most of the time! We went 1 tie/ 1 loss, but to Stone it's all about playing baseball all of the time!
Then onto the new adventure of playing on a new Super-league team. Stone is a fill-in for the Riverton Rats. They had a 3 day tournament this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So Thursday night we won by "1" against the Highlanders, a team with a lot of Stone's old teammates from his other Super league team the "Rangers".

On Friday we had a double header: the first team was the Marshall's, tough team, we won in the end by "1" again, Then we came against the "Sandlot" team or should I call them the "GIANTS"

I post this picture so you can see the difference in size. Mind-you Stone is playing in a 11 and under league, the boy up to bat is probably 180lbs 5'9", looks like a DAD. So Stone (or David) pitched to #18 (Goliath) The first hit he got went to the parking lot, I am not kidding, it was amazing... Jokingly we thought maybe Stone should just Peg him with the ball, He is not fast and every time he hits, it is going to fly... (Stone pitched 3 innings, and did great) So the next time up the kid walked, then he hit out, so we are glad to see it was only a little damage. Needless to say we lost the game but, it was a great comeback from 8-0 to 11-8. So in the tournament we ended 2-1, because Saturday was cancelled due to RAIN, Re-scheduling to come soon. We will be at City-League baseball this week Monday and Wednesday again-- Just another week of FUN!