Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What little White Guy? The question of the day...

OK, So I tried to fit in way too many things this morning, and well I got the best comment from Zoey, that I needed to post it. A little background, 10 am Zoey is at the High School do behind the wheel drivers training, I am at Stone's Physical with our family doctor, Alissa is on her way up to Salt Lake. Stone's appoint was running behind, so I called Zoey and told her to start walking home (1.2 miles from Riverton High School to our Front Door) and when I was done I would pick her up if she had not yet made it home. This is where the "question of the day" comes into play.
Alice: "Zoey stay on the main road and I will look for you on my way home"
Zoey: "OK, Mom, when I get to the main road, do I do something to cross the street?"
Alice: (Now thinking in my head, what is she talking about)
Zoey: "Is there some kind of button you push to be able to cross the street?"
Alice: (Now understanding what she is asking)" Yes, push the button to get the go ahead"
Zoey: "Is that button on the poll somewhere?"
Alice: "Yes Dear, and please do not go in the street until you see the little white guy."
Zoey: "What little white guy, I don't know what you are talking about....."
Now mind you this entire conversation is taking place in the exam room where Stone and the "Awesome" Dr. Jean are listening and laughing, even as Stone is getting his manhood checked -

OK this is where I have finally realized that I have done a disservice to all of my children! I have driven them everywhere there whole lives, they don't even know how to use a cross walk! Now that is sad, I think my children need to heel/toe it more often to get places, we would all benefit - less gas used and exercise for the kids! How do you think they will take the news?