Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New What?

OK, I have not posted since Christmas, and life still goes on - Can you believe it? We think time will slow down and get easier, but it just gets harder & busier. We look back and remember all the advice we were given when the kids were growing up and now we notice that we are the ones giving advice to others. Please, if I am telling you my life's experiences, take everything with a grain of salt... I never attest to being perfect or right at all times, but I do expect my children to think I am perfect and right all the time!!!
We made it through December with only a few bumps and bruises, SilverRush at Riverton High School was an amazing Success! $81,000.00 + earned and collected in 3 weeks time to donate to the International Rescue Committee - We are super proud or our girls and all the Students and friends who sacrificed sleep and homework to make this life changing event a Huge Success!
Chris and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary on December 28, 2010, going to a movie and dinner. We absolutely love going to the movies, and this year with jobs and changes we have only been a couple or times and really enjoy when we can go!
New Years came with Sickness in abundance - Jocey had been fighting off a cold/throat/sinus/cough thing for weeks - and decided to be her loving self and share the love with all of us. Starting with Stone, then Hunter & Zoey, Mom & Alissa (Alissa still battling the flu with 7 days under her belt (tightened 3 more notches) Chris - has been doing everything in his power not get the full blown thing so stays away from most of us and complains in quiet.
Jocelyn had her 2nd Drill Competition on January 8th in Sandy, Utah. This was the first one we could attend, seeing as the 1st was while Chris and I were soaking up the sun in Hawaii - Let's just reflect on that for a minute . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OK back to reality - She was worried about the dances and how there were changes made in the final week, however she had a great time they saw some awesome competition and came home smiling - even though they did not place in most of their routines. Next one is this Saturday in Murray - I thought competition dance was demanding - Yeah Right - That was a cake walk compared to this - The things we do to give our kids Life Experiences???
Someone asked me the other day, "How do you keep up with 3 Involved High Schoolers and a multi-sports playing teenage boy and active Hunter?" My reaction is always Mom's can Multi-Task so I Divide and Conquer (At lesat I like to think that's what I do), and if that doesn't work, I get a 44oz diet coke, Hagen Daaz -Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream, Jammies, Lock the Door to my room and watch Football in my Bed! Works EVERY TIME!
*** Pictures to Come Soon!****