Monday, February 23, 2009

The Weekend of "ALISSA"

Well how shall I begin the weekend of Alissa... Let's just say we got a lot accomplished in 2 short days. First of all Alissa was asked on her first upcoming date! She was asked to the Prom, that will happen on March 7th just 4 days after her 16th Birthday! Needless to say if you live on another planet (or just outside of Utah), Being asked to a dance is a major production.... The cute and fun boy that asked Alissa came to our house and put several rocks beneath her pillow on her bed with writing on them, The infamous "Prayer Rocks". The idea is that when you go to bed at night that you hit your head on the rock when you lie down and remember to say your prayers. Well I guess Alissa was really tired, cause she did not find the prayer rock until 4:00 am in the morning, when she started to stir around. I wonder where she gets her hard head from? So she got up and figured out who asked her and went back to sleep without even telling us until 9:30 am the next morning. Now the big question, how cleaver can we be on our answer? Like I said, in our world or planet everything has to be cleaver and outrageous... What to do? '

Saturday was the big day at our house, Or should I say Alissa's grand Sweet 16 Party! Now, we had to move the date a couple of times, due to sports conflicts, but in the end I think everyone had a great time. At one point during the night I counted 65 teenage bodies in my house.... But mostly it was around 40. The kids hung out, ate, played guitar hero, play foos ball, played basketball, danced. talked. ate, jumped on the tramp, played ultimate spoons and just had a wild great time in general. Needless to say Chris abandoned the house for the festivities with the boys and Jocelyn, this was probably a good thing. (Chris probably would have ripped his hair out!) Alissa's amazing Aunt Lisa Gibbons, offered her assistance and came and helped set up, and cook and be there to bring Mom a needed Diet Coke! We could not have done this without her!!!
We did do one really fun thing, and we made a Sweet 16 favorites Songs CD to hand out to her friends for coming. I will try to download the songs on here so you can get a taste of her tastes.

Then Finally, Sunday! Alissa was presented with her Young Womens Recognition Award (Young Women Medallion) . If you don't know what this is, It is comparable to an Eagle Scout for boys. The Girls in our Church from the ages of 12-18 are asked to complete a lengthy list of goals and 6 Value Projects of at least 10 hours each. In our house it is a goal for the girls to get this prior to their 16th Birthday, this is so they can get the privilege to Drive....I would be working towards that goal too if it came with that reward. So, we are really proud of Alissa for achieving this only 9 days away from her 16th birthday!! Great Job Lissy!


The Johnson's

What a fun weekend for Alissa! Congrats on the big date, the YW Recognition AND turning 16 in a few days! More power to you, Alice, hosting a party like that!! Zach will ask if his friends can come over and "hang out" and we say yes and later count 20 kids here---HELLO!!?? 65 is a lot of kids--way to be an awesome Mom!!