Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can she really be "16"?

OK, so we had the weekend of Alissa, i am pretty sure this has been the weeks of Alissa...She turned 16 yesterday, I can't believe I am old enough to have a daughter that will be driving and dating, Then I woke up with A constant reminder of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and I realize I am old enough, or at least my body is. We have had a few weeks of craziness and parties at least it feels like it. The Gibbons Gang and a few neighbors came over on Monday March 2, 2009 to have a little dessert party, did I say little there were 36 in all, We also celebrated Alissa's cousin, Courtney Gibbons, 13th Birthday. Those 2 girls were really spoiled and The highlight of Alissa's evening, besides the cheesecake, was being handed her Varsity Lettermans jacket from Grandpa Gibbons. She lettered as a Freshman in Golf at Riverton High School and has been asking for this jacket since last May. It has basically took this long to pay for it....(All of you who have had to do this will totally understand!) Too Bad for her, that Tuesday the 3rd and Today the 4th are not cold, can you believe it? But just wait, the rain and snow are in the immediate forecast, so she will get plenty of wear time.
On Tuesday, her actual birthday, she started Golf
Again for this season at the High School. She was able to have a private lesson at the local course and while she was enjoying the outdoors, Her Young Women's Class from church came over and trashed her room. Now the pictures do not do justice, She has tiny puzzle pieces all over the floor, in her bed, in her drawers, in her socks and paper shreds everywhere. She also has the funnest signs stuck all over the room with cute sayings. Needless to say she has not tried to clean it and just slept on top of her bed. Maybe this weekend? Oh yeah, that would be a, NO! She has a Prom date!!!!! The life of a teenage Girl, how I remember it so........ Well it's just another day in the lives of Our 3 Teenage girls and 2 little guys!