Wednesday, February 17, 2010

President's Day Weekend/ Valentines!

Well we headed out to St George on Friday February 12, 2010 for a President's Day Baseball Tournament, mind you I hate driving and I had the Suburban with Zoey, Jocey, Stone & Hunter. Chris was following in Chancho (Alissa's car) (Who had the better deal in this situation? ) Alissa stayed back to attend the Sweethearts formal, Zoey was coming for the ride and being picked up later that evening to go to California for the weekend.... (Her best friend's 16th Birthday was held at Knott's Berry Farm)

The Joke of the weekend was "Mom, there is definately a difference in lodging between the M-- and the H--" We were under the impression (pictures on the internet) that the Inn that we reserved for a back up (another story) was a H--(Hotel) not a M-- (Motel) Well WRONG - - And it put true meaning to the M-- in Motel. The pool was not heated, the toilet would not flush and well lets just say the beds were like sleeping on the floor.. Well what you do to save a few bucks.
Stone played a double header on Friday, 1 win 1 loss, Zoey met up with her friends and left for Cali, Chris left early Saturday morning to make it back to Riverton for Stake Conference and all the meetings that entails. We played another double header on Saturday (2-0) & 62 degrees, to us that is warm weather, this is all foreign to us winter prisoners. We went to Pizza Factory, Went to a Birthday party for one of Stone's teammates, Saw the "Lightning Theif", Saw the Biggest Loser,St George, training facility (My kids and my favorite show) Went to Church, sat in the hot tub, watched the Olympics, played another game on Monday the 15th, but were done after the 1st game. Jocelyn and I decided to stay and watch the next game (Stone's friends were continuing on) and enjoy the heat, and dreading the drive home.
With Diet Coke and Rock Star in hand, We came home to the Winter.... Wow I will never miss the snow if we ever become freed from Winter Prison. I took a picture of this to keep reminding my self, even though Life is tough a lot of the time that "Life is Good"