Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Does this Sign Mean to YOU?????

Really I know that I was taught to drive in California, But I do worry about Utah Drivers...Mind you I have 1 teenage driver at home and another quickly approaching (3 weeks to be exact). What are the Utah Drivers being taught about the above sign? Well my understanding has always been, that if you are in the Left lane of 2 lanes merging together and the right lane ends, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY, Correct? Or, does this sign actually mean... "If you are a Utah male, driving a POC (piece of crap) Truck and driving in the Right lane when approaching this sign and a woman is next to me, You have all rights to speed up and almost hit her while merging after the lane ends and if this doesn't work keep trying to merge when there is no room and My daughter could actually touch your steering wheel through the window...What do you think? Well I will tell you this If I had a gun in my car, it may have put a few holes into Utah Male Drivers Trucks today who are completely Retarded or in other words U-TARDED!!! Where is my Humvee when I need it? I would have actually driven right on top of them if I could.. Don't mess with me I have sleep deprivation and Teenagers at home! That's all I need to say about that!