Thursday, March 5, 2009

She Did IT!!!!!

She did IT! Well a day after her birthday, Alissa got her Drivers License! Well if any of you are aware of the new program, Well new to me that is. You basically go to the DMV and 15 minutes & $30.00 later you get your license. This to me was awesome! {I remember 22 years ago (Argh) My Mom took me on my 16th Birthday to get my license, She took me and so much paper work to prove I was actually a female, US Citizen, breathing, etc, and 2 hours later, after the Written Test and Behind the Wheel test you may or may not be leaving with your license. I also remember driving in the worst part of Pomona, California to take this test, and being a little nervous. }
Now you take behind the wheel at school, well during off hours, and after a certain amount of hours, you take the written test with your teacher and the road test with your teacher and he imputs all this information in the DMV system and you are ready to go! Needless to Say the system has gotten better on this one! She is so excited, Dad is a little nervous, so we had the talk about what to do in an accident, all the new laws about driving with friends, and how the phone will not be in use while she is driving, At ALL!!!!!!! We hope she makes wise choices, On the other hand, HOORAY, I finally have more help in the driving department! Just another day in the lives of our 3 teenage girls and 2 little guys.