Saturday, March 7, 2009

PROM!!!!! The 1st of many, I'm sure....

Well, it's here and now Mom can relax.... The Day Alissa's been waiting for, Her First Date, argh!!!! Our day was a little bit crazy, but we all made it through without Mom strangling someone. Alissa went on her 1st official date today with a long time friend Alex Nichols. They spent the early part of the afternoon at a giant "Bounce" facility with a group of other teenagers and then raced home to get ready for the prom. Alissa made it home with about 75 minutes to get ready. She did a great job with the help of Her Cousin Brooke, Grammy Gibbons and best friend Kaela. Mom was running all over town picking up flowers, bras, jewelry, boys and dancers from practices. Dad made it home from work in time to see his little girl come down the stairs in her 1st, of many I'm sure, formal dress. She looked beautiful and all grown up. These are few of the pictures of her with and without her little jacket and with her cute date! They, with a group, were transported by another parent, due to the strict driving laws with passengers, up to "The Cheesecake Factory" for dinner then off the the State Capitol for the official PROM dance. After, like most kids, they went and hung out at another friends house and watched a movie. Mom waited up, while dad went to bed, due to the fact that Sunday Mornings come very quick for Chris and his 6:00 am meetings, needless to say, we all had to change our clocks forward 1 hour. This is just another day in the life of Our 3 teenage girls and 2 little guys!